What is the origin of the surname Kloman? We believe it's German, is this correct?
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There is a german surname KLOMANN (or KLOHMAN rarer).
Kloman is it a variant of Klomann? But in Germany this surname doesn't exist.
I couldn't find the meaning of KLOMANN in a Dictionary of German Last Names.
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In Germany you will find Kloman, Klomann and Klohmann (not sure about Klohman). They are all rather rare so they're not in my book of German surnames either. "Klomann" is a word for someone cleaning toilets or working there, but this does not explain the name.All I can think of is either a methathesis of KOHLMANN (coal miner or cabbage farmer) or a variant of GLÜHMANN (with a U umlaut). And there was an 10th/11th century saint from Ireland called Koloman.Andy ;—)
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