Bellisario / Belisaro
Does anyone happen to know the origin and meaning of Bellisario / Belisaro? I'm inclined to think that it is Italian in origin, however I'm uncertain of that.Also, does anyone know of any other variations of this surname?
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Italian: from the (now rare) personal name Belisario, Bellisario, derived via Latin from Greek Belisarios, a name that is probably of Illyric origin. The diffusion of the name was promoted by the fame of the general Belisarius, who served the emperor Justinian.
(Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press)
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in Italy Bellisario and belisario are regional surnames.
They come generally from ABRUZZO region (near ROME)and PUGLIA, the region of BARI.see the site of GENS ITALIA:
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A few more I'd like to ask about ...Bellafiore
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BELLAFIORE > BELFIORE (originating in an area where the noun fiore ‘flower’ is treated as feminine, as for example in Sicily):
1. from the personal name Belfiore, meaning ‘beautiful (as a) flower’.
2. habitational name from any of numerous minor places called Belfiore, as for example in Verona province. BELLAMY:
English and Irish (of Norman origin), French: literal or ironic nickname meaning ‘fine friend’, from French beau ‘fair’, ‘handsome’ (bel before a vowel) + ami ‘friend’. BELLANCA:
Italian (Sicily): nickname meaning ‘beautiful (bella) hip (anca)’BELLFLEUR (see above, but French this time)BELLINA:
1. Italian: from a diminutive of the female personal name Bella.
2. Italian or German spelling of Slovenian Belina, nickname denoting a fair-haired or pale-skinned person, from bel ‘white’, ‘light’, ‘fair’, with the augmentative suffix -inaBELLROSE: "beautiful rose(s)", I should say(Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press; except the last one)
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