surname Martorana
I am trying to understand the meaning of a Sicilian surname Martorana quite popular in USA: it ranks 35,000.
IT comes from western Sicily.Thanks for your help!
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There is a place called Martorano, near Cesena in mainland Italy. Though this is unlikely to be the origin of the Sicilian surname it does raise the possiblity of a place-name origin.
Alternatively, lists the names Martori, Martorini, Martorelli and Martorello. The suggestion is that the basis of these names is a dialect word MARTOR, which is explained as "sempliciotto" (simpleton?).
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I have heard the name Martorana means "troubled waters," although the church in Palermo, La Martorana is famous for marzipan (which is where the confection gets its name). Hardly anything close to "simpleton". Nice try.
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