Does anyone know if the common ending 'opoulos' on Greek surnames has any distinct meaning? How about the another common Greek ending of 'akis'.
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akis is typically found in Cretan names and southern Peloponesian names because of Cretan migrations to that area. opoulos is found in the Peloponese and also names of Pontian origin (northern Turkey)The endings of many Greek surnames can tell you their geographic origin.
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I would like to add to this question.
I once had a friend explain the various suffixes and there connections to various locations to me, but not in written form.
I understand, there are also feminine variations as well.Thanks in advance.
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The meaning of "-poulos" is usually "son of". The primary meaning of "-akis" is diminutive, hence this also could mean "child of".Greek names vary in case and gender (let us omit plural forms):Nominative: "-poulos", "-akis" [masc.], "-poulou", "-aki" [fem.]
Acusative: "-poulo", "-aki" [masc.], "-poulou", "-aki" [fem.]
Genetive: "-poulou", "-aki" [masc.], "-poulou", "-aki" [fem.]
Vocative: "-poule", "-aki" [masc.], "-poulou", "-aki" [fem.]
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"opoulos" comes from the latin "pullus" which means "little", like "son of.." It is a result of the years when Greece was under Roman occupation
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