BATSON, LOWRIE, LAURIE as last names.
Any suggestions on the names BATSON and LOWRIE?

BATSON: As my great grandfathers last names, I believe he was primarly German and Manx (from the Isle of Mann, off the coast of England). Pronouced BAT-sin.

LOWRIE: I suspect it is a German name, although it looks Irish to me. When my ancestors came over they varied the spellings like LAURIE, LOWREY, LAUREY etc. I do not know the original spelling. Pronounced LAW-er-ee.
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Hi Aviseenah,

Batson is an English surname meaning "son of Bate [=Bartholomew]"

Lowrie doesn't sound German either. I would guess that is has got something to do with the first name Lorentz/Lawrence/Laurens etc...

Best regards,
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