My Surname
In my whole entire life I have never met anyone with the same last name as me (and believe me I've lived!), except for my imediate family. My surname is Paszat (my great granfther's was Peszat but the hospital my grandfather was born at accitdentally switched the name). I know its of Eastern European origin but thats about it. If anyone could give me any imformation on either name (Paszat or Peszat)it would be very appreciated!
Thanks so much!

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I don't know anything about the surname, but I consulted the Hungarian-English part, vol. II, page 180 of “A Dictionary of the Hungarian and English Languages,” by Arthur B. Yolland, published 1924. It defines the word

Paszat, n. = maszat.

Page 49: Maszat, n. stain; blot : dirt . . .

Reg Niles
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Hello Heather,
I'm not sure about it, but maybe this surname is related to surnames like Peske, Peschk, Peschka, Peschke, Peschko... They come from the first name Pesk/Peschk which is a Slavic form of Peter.
Best regards
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