Any information on the name Jurma ?
My name is Ciprian Jurma and although I know what Ciprian means I haven't came upon any information for my surname, Jurma. I am a Romanian but I'm quite sure that this is not in any way the ethnic origin of the name because my family is the only one in Romania that has this name. I have some information on being a nordic name (Sweden, Norway, Finland...). Maybe someone knows more about this...
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Just to let you know, I'm from Bata, Judetul Arad, where the name "Jurma" originates. There are also a lot of Jurma in the United States. I live in Atlanta, Georgia. Another Jurma lives in Hollywood, Florida.
There are some others in Chicago, Illinois. It's good to know that there are more Jurma's in this big world.
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Hi, unfortunately I can't give you much more information on the background of that name, but just wanted to mention that my family is also romanian and I also know lots of other people from romania that are carrying this name.

What I was told is that the name is of italien origin, written "giorma", and also pronounced differently.

As for the nordic idea: People often ask me if I'm from finland or sweden - which is of course because of my looks ;-). Maybe this deduction is based on the fact that one of the most known inhabitants there is Jorma Ollila, the CEO of Nokia. Just a guess.
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