I want to know the meaning of the german surname Ruger. PLEASE HELP!!!
Hi everyone, i need to know the meaning of the surname Ruger. My husband and i have decided to name our child Ruger(after the gun brand name), but i would really like to know what it really means. If anyone can, please help me. Thanx. Tiffani
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Hi Tiffani,

there's a German surname Rüger:

1) from the first name Rüdiger, a newer form of the Old German first name Hruotgar which means honour + spear.

2) from the Middle German occupation name "rüegære" which means plaintiff

and a German surname Ruge:

1) Low German name from the Middle German word "ru/ruw" meaning hairy, shaggy

2) from the Middle German word "ruowe/ruge" meaning silence, rest, peace

3) in Southern Germany this can be a form of the surname Rüger (1)

If you want to use Ruger as a first name, it would be a form of Rüdiger (which is the same name as Roger). There is an Italian form "Rugero".

Regards, Judith
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I cant speak for the prior forms of the word Rutger -
but GER - usually refers to GROW
it stems from the GROWL of a big cat in the pre-speak jungles of Africa
where spoken language began.
When an animal growls - it is an attempt to GROW itself in the minds of its prey.
Its that simple. The original meaning carries over - very often. That leaves RUT which seems to mean ROOT - ROOT GARDEN?
Granted - i see the other forms. That changes everything.
But HONOR is easy to figure out.
The HON is ONE. The OR is ORAL. One Word is honor. Is one - is hon-est. You should have my book.
Deciphering the English Code- amazon
choose TWO CANDLE PRESS - thats me -
ill refund the shipping and sign a copy to you
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Thankyou so muchThankyou Judith, your information is greatly appreciated. I searched for that name on the internet for 2 hours, I can't believe all I had to do was post a message hear. I'll come back here the first time, the next time i need help with a name. Again, thankyou so much.
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