Help! I need to know the menaing behind the surname of Bumeder
Hi, My name is Teresa, and I have been giving a research project at my school. I have been looking for a couple days, but the meaning behind this particular surname has eluded me. I was wondering if anyone would know the meaning benind the surname Bumeder, or maybe even a really good website that might help me. Thank you so much!
P.S. if it helps, I know that my Ancestors lived in Bavaria Germany before they immigrated to the United States.
Thanks again.
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Hi Teresa,

surfing the web I found your message. Yes, I live in Bavaria, Germany.
As far as I know the surname "Bumeder" in fact consists of two parts. "bum" is supposed to be the old German name for "tree". "eder" is supposed to be the owner of an isolated farm somewhere out in the country. In contemporary German you still have the word "Einöde" having exactly the same meaning.

If you´re interested in more information about the whereabouts of the "Bumeders" just let me know.
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