orgin of my names
I need to know the orgin of the surname Cocayne, my dad thought may be it was English . Thanks!!!
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Whats the meaning of my names
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Ronald is Teutonic & it means of mighty power.

Dean is French & it means great leader.

Turner is an English occupational name meaning one who works with a lathe.
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A similar surname is discussed on page 77 of “A Dictionary of British Surnames,” by P.H. Reaney, 2nd edition, published 1976 :

COCKAYNE : . . . from an Old French word designating an imaginary country, "the abode of luxury and idleness." The earliest citation is William COKEIN/ COCAINE, A.D. 1193. The etymology of the English word "cocaine" is completely different.

Reg Niles
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