I'm wondering what my last name: Brewster means. I know its from English orign. There is english in my background. Thanks!!!
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On a recent trip to Scotland while staying in a bed and breakfast at Crief, I found an entry in a Lowland Scots Dictionary of the name BREWSTER with the meaning given as the equivalent of the English word Brewer, i.e. beer maker. Also, I understand that place names and proper names in Scotland ending in 'ster' were names originally attributed to the Viking raiders of the first millenium. Are you interested in Brewster genealogy?
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yeah, sure why not?!
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The surname BREWSTER is defined on page 49 of “A Dictionary of British Surnames,” by P.H. Reaney, 2nd edition, published 1976.

It means "a woman brewer." The earliest example given in the book is Roger Breuestere, A.D. 1221.

The author Mark Antony Lower adds, "The business of brewing was formerly carried on by women, and hence the A.-Sax. feminine termination stre [sic], in Brewster."

Reg Niles
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