i was just wondering, can you change your surname? or modify it in some way? coz Anderson's pretty boring...
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Yes, you can change your name. I don't know about just in general, but I found the best way was when I got married. My husband is from Russia, and all of his legal documentation from Russia translated his name, which sounds like Shirshov, into the French way of writing, so it looks like Chirchov. It has confused a lot of people when we're trying to get our names changed (at like the bank and health insurance) but others at the BCIS/INS and DMV congratulated us on using our brains. The moral of the story...if you want to simplify the spelling of your name (or your new husband's crazy name), its very possible.
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I don't know what country you're in, but it's always possible to legally change your surname. You need to have very good reasons for that, though, because a reason like "it sounds boring" won't get you to change your name.

I advise you to visit the website of the Ministry of Justice of your country. They should have information about that matter on their site (well, the website of the Ministry of Justice of my own country does, anyway).


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good excuses?thanx for the info. didn't really mean to change it :-). was just wondering if I could. I love my surname. what good excuses are there anyway. I read a guy changed his name to Manchester United and another I Am Who I Am. weird...
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I must disagree in the gentlest possible way, based on practice in the United States, with the remark about needing a good reason to change your name. Things I have read years ago said you do not even need to go before a judge to change your name, as long as it is for a lawful purpose.

"Change of Name" is discussed on pages 30-37 of "Treasury of Name Lore," by Elsdon C. Smith, published 1967. References include Law on Names, pages 107-109. Page 107 covers the freedom to select any name you choose.

Reg Niles
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