Meanings of surnames?
Does anyone know where these surnames come from and also their meanings?

Aparicio (Possibly Portugese, but I'm not sure)
Van Dam

I apologize that I haven't much information on them, but I really need to find this out. Thanks!
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What is he meaning of van Schalkwyk?
Thank you very much.
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It's a Dutch name. It means 'from Schalkwijk' which is a town in Utrecht province. (ij is the 27th letter of the Dutch alphabet)
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Please can you find out the meaning of the surname

Many thanks
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Sharrock is English & it means: shore/short rock. It's a place name in England.
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If anyone could help me with finding the origin and the meaning of the lastname Armstead. Thank you
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Meanings of surnames?Hi. my dad's name is Dean Lai Mont Dowdle and his dad's name is Louis Dowdle.I'd like to find out what my last name means. my dad died at the age of 29 on April 10th, 1992. i was just three and i would like for you to find the article that told how he died. he died at a chemical plant called, Alumax in Texarkana, Ark.. my dad wasnt the only one to die.there was two others one that was injured and the other did die. my mothers name is pattie ruth (kruse) dowdle and she is

deana ruth louise dowdle
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Can anyone PLEASE tell me what the surnames "O'Mara", "Manthei", "Fereday" and "Keota" mean?

Ryan J. Hill - Fereday.
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