The origin and maening of Danaugh

My first name is Danaugh. I'm a 26 year old woman from Holland. For a long time now I'm wondering what the meaning and origin of my name, Danaugh, is and where it's from (I think it's Irish, Celtic, Welch or Scottish). I have searched the internet many, many times but I can't find any site which contains my name. I've been told that my first name might be Celtic. They also told me that my first name could well have been an derivative of a last name. Do you know anything which is related to my name? Where do the roots of my name lie? I hope you can help me a little! If not, do you know someone who I can contact who might know more?
please, e-mail me! My address:

Yours sincerely,

Danaugh Tijm
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I woud love to know what means my name "ARMA".I know allredy that in latain it means "WEPON",but in proto-bulgarian it means "JOY".I just won to know,if my name means something else too.
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go to the message bored at someone there will be able to help you. try it. this is last names too.
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