Can not find name anywhere,what and/or where does it originate ? older family member thought it was Welsh ?
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According to page 17 of “New Dictionary of American Family Names,” by Elsdon C. Smith (published 1973), the surname BAGBY is (Eng.) "One who came from Bagby (Baggi's homestead), in the North Riding of Yorkshire."

Similarly in “The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names,” by Eilert Ekwall (4th edition, 1960), p. 22. He says the personal name Bag(h)ebi appears in Domesday Book, compiled in A.D. 1086.

Reg Niles
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I have some Bagby relatives in Indiana. The surname is Scottish. I heard a story about the meaning of the name but don't remember the details. I remember that Bagbey is a variation of the spelling. I'll contact them tomorrow and ask them for the run-down.
I can either repost a message here or you can e-mail me.
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Thank you for responding,I would like to hear what your relatives
have to say on this matter.My grandfathers parents are supposedly
from scotland ? thanks again,E Bagbey.
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