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Ooops! Supposed to read What does the surname Scarborough mean??
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Hi Arrey,
the surname Scarborough comes from the place name Scarborough in England:

Scarborough (Yorkshire)

Scarborough is a Viking place name mentioned in Viking sagas. In the 'Kormakssaga, Flateyjarbok' Scarborough is called Skarthborg and in the 'Orkneyingasaga' it is referred to as Skarthabork. In the case of Scarborough, the word 'borough' derives from the Viking word 'Borg' meaning 'stronghold' and Scarborough means Skarthi's stronghold. According to the 'Kormaksaga' two Viking brothers called Thorgils and Kormak went harrying in Ireland, England and Wales and established a stronghold called Scarborough on the English east coast. Thorgils was known to his brother by the nickname 'Hare Lip', or in the Viking language 'Skarthi' . It is probable that 'Hare-Lip' gave his name to Scarborough. The brothers Kormak and Thorgills were in the service of King Harald Grafeld, who was king of Norway from 960-965AD. This dates the Viking foundation of Scarborough to the mid tenth century. Kormak and Thorgils accompanied the king's expedition to Bjarmaland or Permia in northern Russia in 966AD. It is known that the expedition to England immediately followed this and that Kormak died in the year 967AD. This dates the Viking foundation of Scarborough more precisely to 966 or 967 AD. The Vikings were not the first to settle at Scarborough. There may already have been an Anglo-Saxon settlement on the site and there was certainly a Roman signal station here.

Regards, Judith
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Cool. Thank you very much!^_^
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