Tibbals - Surname origin and meaning
PLEASE, PLEASE ANYONE HELP, I cannot find ANYTHING on this name. I am trying to find out where I come from and would like to start with etymology. The name is Tibbal or Tibbals. Any clues???
The last known Tibbal was in Kingston, NJ, or NY??? can't decipher,on the birth certificate. I believe the person that married her was Jewish, his name was Rudnitskie. ????
Respectfully submitted
K. Kinniburgh - My ethnic background is ???????????????? white,
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Hi Kimberley,

I found some more variations of the name (besides Tibbal/Tibbals):
Tibbaldes, Tibalz, Tibbels, Tibbles.

The name Tibbals means "son of Tibbal" which is an English form of the name Theobald. The name is deriving from the Old High German first name Dietbald which means "people" + "bold".

Regards, Judith
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