i want to know about my familys past
hello my name Is Noreen Cody iam 100% Irish and i love it ! i like to do research adn iam currently working on my familys past . these questions are stuck in my head. like am i related to anyone famouse , OR do i have royalty in my blood. and much much more and if i could find out info on my last name it would help me alot. This si very importanat to me please if you know anything about the name
it would be grate.The reason why iam lloking for info on my first name is kinda weird my great grandmother was very ill from old age when i was born she died that day she said that if i was a girl my name should be Noreen . She said it would make me a strong irsh girl with a heart of gold. I have red hair and have had good luck so i guess its true . please if you have any nformatinon wright me @ Dreamenbaby1469@netscape.com
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