Subject: Re: Any information on the name Jurma ?
Author: Lorena Jurma   (guest)
Date: December 19, 2002 at 9:25 AM
Reply to: Any information on the name Jurma ? by Jurma Ciprian

Hi, unfortunately I can't give you much more information on the background of that name, but just wanted to mention that my family is also romanian and I also know lots of other people from romania that are carrying this name.

What I was told is that the name is of italien origin, written "giorma", and also pronounced differently.

As for the nordic idea: People often ask me if I'm from finland or sweden - which is of course because of my looks ;-). Maybe this deduction is based on the fact that one of the most known inhabitants there is Jorma Ollila, the CEO of Nokia. Just a guess.

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