Looking for a surname...
For a story I plan to write someday, I need a last name that would be used in Ireland, but isn't smack-you-in-the-face Irish.
Do you think Loose would do okay?
Is Loose even a last name? ;-)
Thanks for any help you can give me.

The truth is hard to swallow when your choking on your pride.
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I can't find "Loose" in my Irish name book that includes all names currently in the Irish phone book ...not that it never existed, but it would have obviously been a corruption of an Irish name ...Just sticking to "L's", there are many not-so-Irish sounding names found in Ireland such as Long (very numerous), Lord (moderate numbers), Losty (rare, scattered), Lott (rare), Love (numerous), Lovely (rare) ... just to name a few
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Thanks. I quite like Losty. I never realised Love was such a popular surname!
(one of my favourite people)
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