Meaning of last name WILLIAMS ?
Does anyone know what last name Williams means?
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whats the meaning of STETLERWhats the meaning og my last name???
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I pulled up your question in a search. I don't know the answer, but if you find out I hope you will let me know. I do know a little about where most of the Stetlers probably came from, if you don't know that. I am also curious what your linage is and if we care connected. Mine is:
Henry (PA) maybe
Jacob (PA) probably
Jacob (PA)
Isaac Henry (Clinton, IN)
Claude Emanuel (IA)
Todd Mayo (Ft. WOrth, TX)
Karen (Ft. Worth, TX)

I think that Henry is a son or grandson of George. V. Stetler

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Karen, I am currious to find out if we are related also. My grand-father had told me at one time that all stetlers that he knows of are related,Some how. Our name is very rare. I am originally from clyde ohio, and live in indiana now. You can contact me by E-mail My parents have a book that have the names from the time the book was made, that have names of people related. You sound very familuar.I have always been interested to see how many family members i have in connection some how. thanks for trying to answer my question.
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Do U know the meaning of the first name Kristin?!!!!!!!!
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Williams = Son of William

William is the English version of an Old German first name (Wilhelm) which means "will, determination" + "helmet, protection"

Regards, Judith
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Thank you Judith!
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