Irish versus Scottish names: Mc vs. Mac
Firstly, I am not sure if my last name is Scottish or Irish. I have heard that Mc's are Irish names whereas Mac's are Scottish.

I have also heard that Mc is nothing more than shortened Mac, as people dropped the 'a' over time.

My family's origins lie in Scotland yet I am not sure about my surname. (It wasn't in the database.)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Everyone knows the whole 'Mac/Mc' is a Gaelic way of saying 'Son of' and everything, but I'm pretty sure 'Mac' was mainly a Scottish thing and as Scottish surnames became present in Ireland, they just changed slightly (as all names do). So the "Mc's" are sort of a more 'recent' Irishization of Scottish names. Me thinks, anyway.
Basically anyone with a Mc/Mac surname has every right to claim Irish and Scottish heritage. Or just plain 'British' to put it in a wider spectrum.
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Well, not completely. Mc and Mac can be either Scottish or Irish...both mean "son of". Less frequently seen are Mhic and M'.

I suppose that you might say that the residents of Northern Ireland are British--but I'd not say that the Irish are British within the hearing of the Irish (LOL).
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I'd steer well clear of calling Irish people British if I were you.
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