Subject: Re: three american surnames
Author: Sean Foglai   (guest)
Date: June 12, 2005 at 4:36 PM
Reply to: three american surnames by Chris Colombo

I'll take guesses ...educated guesses ...

Leaman, probably from Leahman, likely an English name meaning "man from the leah, or meadow"

Yapp, possibly form an alternate form of Yaphet, a Hebrew name meaning "comely" ...many European names ultimately derive from Hebrew names ...

Budgett ....truly an interesting one (and why I do these ...because I learn something all the time). I just checked an ordinary dictionary and here's what I found:

from Middle English bowgette which is from Middle French bougette which is a diminutive of of bouge, meaning a "leather bag" which is from Latin bulga which is of Gaulish origin an is akin to Middle Irish bolg which means "bag" or sometimes "belly" ...which I know to be part of the name of one of the early Celtic tribes in Ireland, the Fir Bolg or "men with bags" ...and likely the root of the origin of the country Belgium ...named after the Celtic tribe the Belgae whose name is also related to the Fir Bolg ...and lastly a guess on my part, but maybe the first "pipers" of the British Isles ...

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