The Last Name Ames...
Hey Everyone,
I was wondering where the last name Ames comes from? I am doing a school project and i have to find the history of my last name. I have had barely any luck. I believe it is French but i'm not sure. If you could please help me i would be very greatful.

Thanks You,
Kellie Ames
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hey* i saw ur thing and looked it up for you and this is what i found
... origin: (French.) From Amie, a friend, beloved; or if from the Hebrew Amos, a burden. Some think it is a contraction of Ambrose (which see). Amesbury in England was originally Ambrosebury
i dunno if that helps or not tho* just to let you know i'm 14/f/mi if ur near my age email me*

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my grandmothers maiden name was ames, and we have no french in us but from what i've found france was its origin
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