hello...i was wondering if anyone knows anything about the name spurling
hi there
ive been looking everywhere for the meaning of my last name "spurling".
i know that it is a english name but i want to learn much more about it. right now i know that we left england and went for the usa then split in two...one side went to bermuda and the other went to the virginia area. i know for sure that one spurling was knoghted by the queen...which queen i dont know but any help on this matter would be great!!
meagan spurling;)
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Spurling is from the German name von Spürling (Spuerling)/ Sperling. 'Sperling is a surname meaning "sparrow" found on p. 533 in Bahlow/Gentry (Dictionary of German Names) under the heading Sperl, where Johan Sperling is dated to 1285.'
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Hi Meagan,

My name is Mike Spurling and I too am looking for the origin of the name Spurling and any other family name history. I would be interested to learn what, if anything, that you have figured out.
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