Meaning of Surname Nguyen
Nguyen is a vietnamese surname. It is a the most use in Vietnam, but what does it mean? Where it came from?
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Origin of Ruan*, Yuen*, Nguyen* (Vietnamese) Famous People in History
Descendents of Ben Tao were rewarded the Ruan kingdom (south east of Jing Chuan in Gansu Province). The Ruan kingdom was eliminated by Zhou Wen Wang during the Shang Dynasty and its people began to bear the last name of Ruan. Another origin of Ruan came from the Shi (stone, rock) family who changed their name to Ruan.
In Vietnamese, the surname Ruan is known as Nguyen, which is the most popular family name. Although not all Vietnamese who bear this family name can trace their roots back to their Chinese ancestors, Nguyen is clearly a Chinese name. Many Vietnamese with this surname claim their ancestor to be a man called Ruan Cho, who was a governor of ChiaoChih (North Vietnam) during the Chen Dynasty (~600 A.D.). (Ruan means a musical instrument)

Hometown: Chen Liu town in Kaifeng Province

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does anyone know of any sites that i could find out more about the origins of the nguyen surname.
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Nguyen is Vietnamese, & it means to swear, to pray, the origin, the source, or the cause. I found the origin & meaning of this surname in a surname book at the library.
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