Subject: Some surname elements
Author: Jessica Chisholm   (guest)
Date: March 11, 2003 at 7:46 PM

If anyone has a vaguely ethnic-sounding surname but has no idea which nationality it derives from, here are a few helpful hints if your surname ends in or contains these elements:

-ski is likely to be Polish.

-sky is more likely to be Russian (these two get mixed up a lot.)

-ak is Slovak.

-enko is almost infalliably Ukranian.

-vic is likely from Yugoslavia.

-vich is often confused with 'vic' but is from Russian, not Yugoslavian, origin.

-vici, also often confused with the two above, is Serbian.

-off, -ov, -ev, and -eff are probably Russian.

-iak is Ukranian.

-wicz or any cz combination really, is likely Polish.

I'll be back with more later if I can!


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