Last Name Rohani
Hi everyone i was just wondering if anyone new the meaning of the last name ROHANI...I've tried searching for it online but I cant find
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There is a Sanskrit name Rohan meaning "ascending" according to and it's quite possible that this Arabic? surname may be derived from that.
There is an Indonesian word rohani meaning "(mentally) spiritual" but I haven't seen any evidence of this as a surname.---------------------------------------
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I think the explanation "spiritual" could be correct. Indonesia being an Islamic country the word is probably a loan from the Arabic ruhani, same meaning.
Internet references to Rohani give the impression that the surname is Iranian. For some reason Muslim names which would be spelt with a U in Roman script when referring to Arabs are usually spelt with an O when referring to Iranians; e.g., Abdullah becomes Abdollah, Hussein becomes Hossein. So Arabic Ruhani would become Rohani.
I suppose it could have been used as a forename and so become a patronymic. Iranians only adopted surnames in 1929 by government decree, and I think some of the choices of name would be difficult to explain.
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my first name is rohani! ive been searching for ages what it means... I've been told by indonesians that it means 'spiritual' and by an Iranian lady that it is an adjective for "enlightened one".
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