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Author: Pete Tinsley   (guest)
Date: July 12, 2003 at 4:23 PM
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The following account describing the origin of the Tinsley name was passed on to me by relatives and the reference is quoted as "Yorkshire Notes and Queriers and Folk, Vol. I page 221. Hallam, Middle Ages, Chapter 2, Page 2." Reference is also made to "Collection of Names of the Nobility from Yorkshire England" by Thomas Robson. No dates are given in the data to follow but it is mentioned that the Tinsley Coat of Arms became hereditary (heraldry) in the time of Henry III (1216-1273). I am presenting this information in the hope that someone can verify it or add to it. Please let me have your comments. Email Fred Preston.

Roger Magerolles, Lord of Tinsloo, married Eune Busby, dau. of Roger Bushby and had issue:
William Magerolles, Lord of Tinsloo, son and heir of Roger, married and had issue:
Godose(a) Magerolles married Sir William Brette.
Betryce Magerolles married William Londoner, alias Tinsley, Lord of Tinsloo.

Godosa(e) Magerolles married Sir William Brette and had issue:

Rychard Brette who married and had issue:
Rychard Brette II who married and had issue:
Rychard Brette III who married and had issue:
Walter Brette, Knight, married and had issue:
Lucy Brette married Sir Henry Tinsley (whose ancestors were called Londoners, alias Brebroke, Lord of Tinsloo) and had issue:
William Tinsley married a daughter of Sir William Wadesby and had issue:
Lucy Tinsley married William Wentworth.
Betryce Magerolles married William Londoner, Lord of Tinsloo, and had issue:

William Londoner, Gentleman, married and had issue:
William Londoner II, Lord of Tinsloo, married and had issue:
Adam Londoner, alias Brebroke, married and had issue:
Sir Henry Tinsley.
Betryce Magerolles' husband, William Londoner, took the name of his wife, Tinsley of Tinsloo. She was probably married later than her sister and perhaps not as young when she married as there is another generation of Brettes.

The coat of arms described by Robson is:

A Chevron between three wolves heads, erased.

Burk's Heraldry gives the same later a stork is found on the coat of arms as a crest. The motto: Sine Labe Fides.

Totomoi. Totomoi, the Tinsley ancestral home was a Royal Grant about the year 1650 to the first Thomas Tinsley. It has remained in the family to this date (1968), now being owned by T. Rutherfoord Moncure, whose mother had been Margaret Tinsley. The original name was Totopotomoi, the Indian name of the creek running through the place. The creek was named for a powerful and friendly chief who is mentioned in Butler's "Hudibras". The first Thomas Tinsley was instrumental, with others in negotiating a treaty with hostile Indians. More than likely the place was named for the chief rather than the creek.

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