Bzdawka, Otradovec, Thomeczek, Yedlicka...need some info please
I need to know the origins & meanings of Bzdawka, Otradovec, Thomecek, & Yedlicka. I believe they are Polish.
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Jedlicka / Jedlicki is a popular polish name ( sounds like Yedlicka)
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Yedlicka is Bohemian
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My name Bzdawka
My famili lives in Poland for hundreds of years, in region "Greatpoland",cities Poznan and Bydgoszcz , coming from small village (moved to cities in 19 century), but earlier "roots" are not known, It is said that names with an end "a" in Poland are of Czech origin , especiallly from 15 century when czech soldiers stayed after war agaist germans in Poland .
Why are you looking for that??
Przemys³aw Bzdawka
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