Cassadine, Cutsukos, Dukakis, Jianakoplos, Skountrianos
What are the origins & meanings of Cassadine, Cutsoukos, Dukakis, Jianakoplos, & Skountrianos ? I believe they are Greek.
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Cutsukos, Dukakis, Jianakoplos are certainly of Greek origin and
common in Greece.
Skountrianos sounds like Greek.

Dukakis: Son of the duke or little duke.

Jianakoplos: Simplified form of Jiannakopoulos or (better correspondence to Greek pronunciation) Yannakopoulos,
meaning the son of "Yannakos", that it is another form of "Yannis" (John in English: see database of first names).

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