Mustedanagic & Zerjav
I need to know the origins & meanings of Mustedanagic & Zerjav. I believe they are Croatian.
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They're bosnian (muslim). Mustedanagic I don't know actually what means, but I'm sure that every surname that ends with "-anagic" is derived from Turkish name "aga". Agas were the sultan's regents. As for the Zerjav, I think that I could help you, but maybe it's not right what I'm saying. "Zer" is Old Slavic word for fire. Well, I hope I helped you a bit.


About Mustedanagic...
In most of the cases, the surnames were derived from the names of the Agas who ruled in different places of Bosnia and the other countries that were under the authority of Turkey. Maybe there was some Mustedan- Aga and that's how the surname originated. My surname is Filagic and I'm pretty sure that there was some Fil-aga and that's how my surname originated. Well, that's all I can do. If you're not satisfied, you can buy a book with Old Serbian poetry, and you'll see it.
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