My father was adopted, and all we know about his birth family is the surname: Youngrin. Despite our efforts in various other places we have yet to find the background of this name. Mainly, what ethnicity is it from. Also meaning would be nice if that was known. If you have any help to offer that would be appreciated.

Thank you
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With some degree of likelyhood: it's a phonetic english attempt to write Ljunggren. Common swedish lastname.

The "L" in Ljunggren is silent [not pronounced]. And in the english language the letter "Y" stands for the sound "J".
The "E" is long, but the english language doesn't have long E. In english the letter "E" stands for three different sounds:
(1) short E [word "tell" for example]
(2) long I [word "she" – " – ]
(3) short I [word "england" – " – ]

In english, the letter "U" often stands for the sound "A" [words like "cut", "bus"], and the two-letter combination "OU" in the word "young" sounds rather similar to the sound "A".
In the word "glue", on the other hand, the U is pronounced rather similar to the U in "Ljunggren".
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