Can anyone further inform me about the meanings & origins of my last name? (Fernandez)
Hi everyone. My parents & grandparents are Cuban, & most if not all of our ancestry is from Galicia & Asturias, Spain. However, I would appreciate more in-depth information on my surname, FERNANDEZ.

Thank you.
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Hello K,
Fernandez is a patronymic Spanish surname that means "son of Fernando". If you are interested in knowing exactly how or where it originated , let me know. I might be able to search and find.
Hope this helps y buena suerte,
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it means
Son of ferdinand
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Fernand: french form of "FERDINAND": m English, German, French, Czech
Pronounced: FUR-di-nand (English), FER-di-nawnt (German)
Possibly means "ready to journey" from Gothic fardi "journey" and nand "ready". This was the name of several rulers of Spain, Portugal and the Holy Roman Empire.

Found that on related site it's okay that I copy/paste that because it's intrasite. Seems like the variants on the name link back to french meanings....*shrug* Hope it helps.
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