Does anyone know something about the surname Hemelaar?
It's most probably a Dutch and/or a Belgian surname.
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As far as I could find out, our family(name) dates back to 1400. Originally from what is now the noth-west of Belgium (Vlaanderen or Flanders)and/or the south-west of Holland (Zeeuws-Vlaanderen).
The exact translation in English is; someone going to heaven. Though I could not find any religious connection through the centuries. Our ancastors were craftsmen and workers.
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Hallo. Bedankt voor de informatie.
Mijn familie (mijn moeder is een Hemelaar) komt uit Dordrecht e.o.
De familie is vrij klein, en niemand kon mij precies duidelijk maken waar de naam vandaan komt.
Dus, bedankt alsnog.Annemarie.
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Hemel means Heaven, and, as far as I can make out, this name denotes someone from Hemel. I think this might come from a place name though, perhaps altered. There is also a surname Van Hemel with similar meaning. I've found a place called Hemelum, in Holland.
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Thanks for your reply!
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