Last Names Dees and Woodside
I was looking for my last name "Dees", which I have been told by my relatives has either Irish or English origins. My ancestors came to America from either of those two countries and apparently owned a tobacco farm somewhere in the Carolinas.I was also trying to find the origin of my girlfriend's last name, which she has no idea about: "Woodside". Her name is Megan, which is English, but her parents did not choose it because they are English. Since you have said ethnic background is most important, I will not be surprised if you cannot find anything on this name.
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English surname Deas, or Dees, is explained as meaning "dice", and therefore a metonymic for a maker of, or player with, these objects.
If Irish it's probably an altered form of Dease. This is one of only a handful of Irish surnames from Irish place names. It comes from the barony of Deece in the County of Meath. This family is actually a branch of the Norman-Irish family of Nugent, formerly de Nogent.
There are, without doubt, dozens of places called Woodside in England and Scotland, and it's likely that more than one has given rise to a surname.
Megan was a Welsh name, but it seems more American nowadays.
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