Nyswonger, Sivard and Jeakins
Sivard was my grandma's maiden name.Nyswonger was my great great grandma's maiden name.Jeakins was my great great great grandma's maiden name. I know Jeakins came over from England and that is where her father my great great great great grandfather was born.All I BELIEVE were caucasian but I am not for sure. Can you tell I've been doing genelogy today?Lilypie 1st Birthday PicLilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

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Jeakins a diminutive of Jak, which is probably James, French Jacques, though it might be a double diminutive of John (-> Jak -> Jakin -> Jeakins).
The Ny- beginning gives Nyswonger a Swedish look, but there is no W in Swedish. Maybe an altered spelling of a Swedish name, or maybe not Swedish at all. A convoluted way of saying I haven't a clue.
Sivard too could be Swedish. It is a Swedish forename, the same as Siward, Sigurd , Sieghart in other languages. But then why not Sivardsson, the patronymic form favoured by Swedes? That's another "don't know".
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Both Sivard and Nywonger are close on the family tree. I'll ask my grandma if she knows anything(sivard being her maiden name and nyswonger being her mother's maiden name).
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