Surname BreMiller
I met a guy, Jason BreMiller, white, from the Midwest. He sazs he is German and so is his name. - This may be true for the second part, but I wonder what the original surname might have been and why the M was capitalized at one point. I have never seen anything like this in Germany.
A quick Google search shows, that this spelling seems to be quite common.
Any ideas, what other language may be involved?
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How about Breumueller, which is another spelling of Braumuller (add your own umlauts)? A miller who does a bit of brewing on the side, or maybe it's another name for a brewer? I vaguely recall another German surname on this board which combined two occupations.
There is a place called Brem in Germany, not to mention Bremen, but I haven't found a Bremmueller, "miller of Brem(en).
I think the capital M is just a conceit. Maybe some Bremillers thought of splitting the name, or even dropping the Bre-.
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What you say makes perfect sense to me. Still the capitalization seems odd to me. You weird Americans ...
Thanks so much!
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