Hi all, I'm desperately searching for information, theories, anything, dealing with the name "stiens."

I've theorized (because so few people have it)that perhaps someone in my familie's history just misspelled it and it stuck.

I believe that this part of my family comes from germany and england mostly, thougha friend has suggested it may also be jewish. Unfortunately, I don't know much about the background and how likely this option is. It's not my biological last name and so I have very little information.

Can anyone provide theories, answers, resources?

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The Dutch name Stiens is a patronym based on the first name Stien, which is in some cases short for Justus (via Justin), in others for Christiaan (via Christien). For these names, go to
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It is a german surname. Still known in Germany.

Impossible to find the meaning.
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