Subject: origin of "Soars". pretty please
Author: Prongs   (Authenticated as missprongs)
Date: March 20, 2007 at 12:56 AM

it's for a school project. I have been having a ... slight difficulty finding the meaning and origin of the surnames Soars and Christou. I'm pretty sure Soars is of European origin but i've still got no idea about Christou. I've heard something about Greek but i doubt it.

And if possible (but it doesn't matter if it's not) the general state where they come from, eg County Cork in Ireland.

Once again, thank you VERY much if you're actually able to find it!

(P.S: could Soars possibly be from Liverpool? i don't trust the site im looking at)

Uuma ma' ten' rashwe, ta tuluva a' lle
[Don't look for trouble, it will come to you]

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