How do you pronounce…Nizovtseva
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Strange collection - surely not from a single source. Start with the Polish, always a nightmare for me.
Zajaczek, approximate pronunciation za-YON-chek, the N shouldn't be there as it's really the A pronounced nasally. This sound is represented by a little hook under the A which disappears when we write in English script. It means "little hare" if you're interested.Zjukovski, which I'd write as Zhukovsky. This too is Polish in my opinion, though the spelling isn't. Polish pronunciation zhoo-KOFF-skee. Russian pronunciation, don't know.Nevskaja and Lenskaya, in spite of the different spellings the endings are the same, feminine, adjectival. NYEFF-ska-ya and LYEN-ska-ya, from two Russian river names, the Neva and the Lena.Nizovtseva, don't know, but if the basis of the name is nizovtsoy I'd guess nee-zoft-SYEV-a.
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