My family's surnames--multiple ethnic origins
This is my first time on this board (I'm a regular over on Name Games, lol), but the information here is great! I have family all over the place, and I was wondering about some of the meanings and histories of our surnames. I'll give the ethnic origin as precisely as I know it.Muhler - Believe this was changed from Mühler; how would Muhler, Mühler, and Mueller be pronounced in German? What is the regional origin of the name?
Aguirre - Spanish/Basque
Avilés - Spanish/Basque
Fukuda - Japanese
Kenolio - Hawaiian
Crowley - English/Scottish
Baumgartner - Swiss German
Mountain - English/Irish
Greenlee - English/Irish
Gilsennan - Irish
Shumway - ?
Fraux / Frau - French
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Most are on this site For some you might need to play with the spelling a bit like Gilsennan with one n.
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That's cut down the workload.
Fraux, according to Albert Dauzat, a version of Féraud, which is from the Germanic given name something like Ferh-wald, "life-rule".
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This reads like an English Premier League football team.
Always a good idea to sneak up on us with a couple of names at a time. So many, so daunting. Have patience.
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