Nicolas Coppola (Cage)
Hello, I run a personal website for actor Nicolas Cage. I have been trying to find the meaning/origin or any other related information on his birth surname 'COPPOLA.' If you can help me, please contact me here or at - ANY help would be sincerely appreciated, thank you. Skye - Darwin, Australia
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Cage is English. It's a metonymic occupational name for a maker & seller of small cages for animals or birds, or a keeper of the large public cage in which petty criminals were confined for short periods of imprisonment.

Coppola is Italian. It is derived from the Neapolitan term coppola denoting a type of beret characteristic of the region, either a nickname for a habitual wearer of a beret, or a metonymic ocupational name for a maker of such berets.
I found this information in a surname book at the library.
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