Subject: Help with origin of last name Zofiya
Author: RainbowSerpent   (Authenticated as RainbowSerpent)
Date: April 23, 2007 at 5:09 AM

My last name is Zofiya za-FY-a, you might not be able to imagine the difficulty explaining why it sounds not like it looks (i don't know!) and how do you spell that etc etc, i don't really know anything about my grandparents as they had no records as such, they were immigrants, and all i know is from pictures that they were both short and dark haired with very prominant features (i hope they weren't related, :-0) if that might help with a name origin at all! I would love to trace my family tree but don't know what country to start looking in. If any help with a meaning of the name, that's just a welcome bonus

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