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Re: Tymenski (spell) Tie-menski (pron) Polish
I have seen Timinski's in my phone book, but only one family (immedite members probably). They are probably the Tyminsky you mentioned but we have no known relations to them. My Grandfather was born in 1884 and passed away in 1979. We have no paper trail as to his place of birth or when he immigrated. Living in West Central Pennsylvania all his life. We assumed that his name was probably changed during immigration, i for an e. We sometimes exchange the i and y on the end. In the U.S., I will assume that there are less than 50 members of my grandfathers name as he was married before my grandmother.
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The Polish website I consult counts only four people in Poland called Tymenski (with a little mark over the n). These were all living in Silesia (Legnica, Wroclaw). As I stated before there were over 4000 Tyminskis (mark over n) in Poland at the same time (1990s). More than 1000 of these were located in the Warsaw area, with the next largest cluster in the Lodz area.
I think Tymenski and Tyminski are two spellings of the same name, and I've located a village in SE Poland, called Tymin, which could be the eponymous location of the name -
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