Does any one know where this surname came from and what it means? my family thinks it might be german or polish but isn't sure. I am thinking it could be a mixter of two name-is this possible?
I found Bos (Dutch, German) Dweller in or near the woods; a quarrelsome man and Teter which is Armenian name for Butterfly.Also if you can find anything on Kjome-it pronounced Cho-mee. I would greatly appreciate it. thanks.

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All I know is that Bostedt (with a D) is a small town near Neumünster, about 50 (?) km north of Hamburg. There is the surname BOSTET as well as BOSTEDT and BOSTEDTER (obviously very rare), so the Bostedt connection may be true for your name. I don't know what Bostedt is composed of, but my guess would be something like "settlement of Bodo."
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