Common/poetical Iranian(persian) surnames? Any ideas?
I'm a belly dancer with persian/iranian roots and want a surname that reflects that, my father was from Iran (and afghanistan through origination), and had the most boring surname that means goat-herd - so i don't want to use that. What are common Iranian Surnames? (not arabic)What are some lyrical iranian surnames, i.e have a poetical/religious/ornamental meaning. The only ones i could find were Roshanzadeh and Nourazar - which i presume mean 'bright person' and 'holy light - fire.'
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Take a spin through this lot, pre-Islamic -
not surnames, but does that matter? The names in smaller letters appear to be Parsee, of India, so not strictly Persian.
The commonest Iranian surnames seem to be Islamic male forenames with an adjectival ending, e.g., Hosseini, Abbassi. Other endings are found, -zade, -ian, -pur, but they mean pretty much the same thing. When surnames became compulsory in Iran, in 1929, some of the bourgeoisie who identified with the new, secular, regime adopted pre-Islamic names to emphasise their Persian identity. Islam was identified with Arab cultural domination. The majority, however, stuck to the Old Islamic names.
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