Astacio, Canseco, Hayek, Kudrow, Locklear, Paltrow
I'd like to know the origins & meanings of: Astacio, Canseco, Hayek, Kudrow, Locklear, Paltrow.

Astacio & Canseco are Spanish. What do they mean ?

Locklear looksl like it might be Irish. What does it mean ?

Kudrow & Paltrow look like they might be Polish. What do they mean ?

Hayek looks like it might be Lebanese. What does it mean ?
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Astacio is a name of Greek origin found in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and many Latin American countries.

Hayek is a name of Middle Eastern origin.

Locklear is a common name found in a Lumbee Indian tribe in North Carolina. The tribe is a mixture of African, Native American, and European ancestry.

I do not know the origin of the last names Canseco, Kudrow, or Paltrow.

I hope this information is helpful.

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