Hi all, I was talking with my grandmother today, and she mentioned that she wanted to know where her maiden name was from. Its Loggins, and I have been unable to find out any information, but I also do not really know how to go about finding information. Any help would be appreciated. She is unsure, but she believes that she is Scottish/Irish. Thanks for any help you may be able to provide!
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I think it is a variant of the Scottish surname Logan, which is also used in Ireland as a substitute for Ó Leogháin, a surname also englished as Lohan. Logan is from a Scottish place name, the basis of which is thought to be the Gaelic lag, denoting a hollow. Ó Leogháin, also spelt Ó Leocháin, identifies the bearer as descended from a man called Leoghán, a male personal name of obscure meaning, which hasn't prevented some of the name mistranslating it as "Duck" (Irish, Lacha).
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