Origin and meaning of Bulat?
Is this surname Polish or Jewish or maybe something else? And what does it mean?
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It may exist in other languages butI only know this as a male forename of the Caucasus. There is a surname, Bulatov, that derives from it. I know what it means, "steel", but I don't know what language it belongs to, which is why I describe it as of the Caucasus. It's used by Circassians and by Chechens, and it's a component of other male names, such as Khasbulat, "best steel". It seems to be favoured by Muslims though it doesn't have any religious significance.
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More information on the word bulat can be found here -
I've also found the word bulát in my Russian dictionary, "Damascus steel" is the translation there. So I may have erred in limiting the name to the Caucasus and to Muslims. If the word is in the Russian vocabulary Bulatov may be Russian as well as Caucasian.
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